Alessandro Pavone

Director of Photography | Producer

South Sudan, 2017

Alessandro has been filming a wide range of documentaries and long-form current affairs stories for the past fifteen years.

Based in Kabul and then London from 2011, Ale has filmed conflicts and humanitarian crises in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, South Sudan and Somalia. His extensive travel experience, risk assessment procedures’ management and knowledge of international politics makes him a great asset for complex shootings across unstable regions of the world.

In 2019, the documentary “After The Fall In Raqqa” filmed by Alessandro for VICE on HBO was nominated for the Scripps Howard Awards. He was also part of the PBS NewsHour team to receive the 2017 Overseas Press Club citation (honourable mention) in the Edward R. Murrow Award for their "The Fight for Iraq" series.

Beyond his current collaboration with the PBS NewsHour, Ale works regularly for CNN and BBC, and his work has appeared on Al Jazeera, VICE and The New York Times among others. Ale’s strong experience in the field spans from presenter-led feature programs and high-profile interviews to one man crew (shoot/produce/edit), as well as in larger teams as a director of photography or 2nd unit camera operator.

  • ACOS Alliance credited Hostile Environment Training course, 2018.

  • Italian born&bred, fluent in Spanish, conversational French and Portuguese.

Selected works

For more videos please check my Vimeo and YouTube channels.

Selected credits

  • Al Jazeera | People & Power:

    • The Forgotten Heroes of Empire 2019 | Director of Photography, Producer (Outsider TV | EP Callum Macrae / CE Diarmuid Jeffreys)

    • Trump's Top General in Afghanistan 2018 | Director of Photography (Outsider TV | EP Callum Macrae / CE Diarmuid Jeffreys)

  • VICE:

    • After the fall 2018 | Vice on HBO | Camera operator | Nominated for the Scripps Howard Awards

    • Off-Roading in the Abu Dhabi Desert 2018 | VICE Arabia | Director of Photography

    • Calcio storico 2017 | VICE World of Sports | Camera operator

    • Soccer's Battle of Algiers 2017 | VICE World of Sports | Camera operator

    • Escape to Europe 2016 | Vice on HBO | Camera operator

    • Global Jihad 2016 | Vice on HBO | Camera operator

    • The Female Taekwondo Fighters Of Kurdistan 2015 | VICE Fightland | Director of Photography, Producer

    • Inside the Afghan National Army 2014 | VICE | Camera operator

  • PBS Newshour:

    • A brutal life for migrants in Libya: trafficking, detention or death en route to Europe 2018 | Videographer, Producer

    • As climate change parches Somalia, frequent drought comes with conflict over fertile land 2018 | Videographer, Producer

    • Meet a couple separated by thousands of miles and America’s new refugee policies 2018 | Videographer

    • How rape is used as a weapon in South Sudan's war 2017 | Videographer, Producer

    • Areas of Mosul are still under siege, but signs of life return 2017 | Videographer, Producer

  • BBC:

    • The Dubai Special 2019 | The Travel Show | Director of Photography

    • The Dubai Special 2017 | The Travel Show | Director of Photography

    • Gold market breaches 'covered up' 2014 | BBC Newsnight | Camera operator

    • Shroud of Turin: Material Evidence 2008 | BBC One | Assistant producer

  • Italy Overwhelmed 2016 | The New York Times | Director of Photography


All Ale's equipment is available for rental:

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 19.48.54.png


  • Canon EOS C300 Mark II

  • Sony Alpha A7S Mark II

  • GoPro Hero6 Black 4K Action Camera

  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro Camera Drone


  • 2 x Sennheiser AVX Digital Wireless Microphone Set

  • 2 x Sony ECM77B Electret Condenser Microphone

  • Sennheiser ME-66 Shotgun Microphone

  • Zoom H4n Digital Recorder


  • DJI Ronin-S gimbal stabilizer

  • SmallHD FOCUS 5" On-Camera Monitor

  • Sachtler FSB 10 FT MS flowtech 100 Tripod System

  • Slider SmartSLIDER Reflex S 800


  • Canon CN-E 18-80mm T4.4 COMPACT-SERVO Cinema Zoom Lens

  • Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L II

  • Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II

  • Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS

  • Canon EF 24mm f/1.4L USM

  • Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM

  • Rokinon 50mm T1.5 Cine Lens

  • Rokinon 10mm T3.1 Cine Lens


  • 2 x Westcott Flex Daylight LED Mat Set

  • Dedolight 3 x Head DLH4 kit + projector with Gobo's

  • Scrim Jim 4 x 6 Cine Frame

  • Chimera 1880 Lantern with skirt 20"